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Why is Branding Important

So you've started a business and needed to pick a name.  Anyone who's ever had to choose a band name or decide on the name for your child knows how daunting, challenging and permanent this can be.  Following the name comes a logo, colors, letterhead and business cards.  Oh, that's called Branding, right? 

So what is Branding?  It's simple... Everything!

Your brand is the perception of your company's professionalism, tone of voice, quality, and overall appearance.  When your color scheme, fonts, logo, business cards, letterhead, office design and advertising all work together, you're business will thrive and produce. On the contrary, when these items are not firing on all cylinders, your business will suffer. 

We all know business' with a great product but are lacking with their branding. There are a few solid reasons to make sure you don't fall into the "bad branding" category. 

1. Branding improves Recognition
Think about companies in your neighborhood that you see and recognize their logo and colors everywhere you look. Without even particularly knowing what they do or what service they offer, you've had their business engraved in your mind.  This will massively increase your chance of choosing them when you eventually need service in their industry.
2. Branding builds Trust
When you feel like something is familiar, you'll feel comfortable and confident to choose them over the competition. Choosing colors and style that fits your business can really help people relate and choose you without thinking twice.

3. Branding Supports Your Advertising
Advertising is massive in building your business and growing your client base. When your branding is clean, concise and matches your advertising, you create a solid and confident campaign that will speak leaps and bounds to your audience.

4. Branding Builds Value
When a potential client checks out your business before working with you, having a solid a consistent branding packing across all media platforms really helps you stand out and look professional. This type of practice subconsciously adds value to your business.  

5. Branding Generates Business

All the above points speak one language, build trust, create recognition and at the end of the day, generate business. 


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