Natural Paper Printed Logo MockUp-Voyage
Poster Frame PSD MockUp-Poster

Client: Voyage

Voyage Cold Brew:  When we got the opportunity to work with a local artisan coffee company we immediately jumped into the art of cold brew coffee. Being the caffeine junkies that we are, it certainly didn't hurt our case if we had to do some product taste testing along the way

Inspiration for the Word Mark and Brand

Voyage brings you coffee beans from all over the world and cold brews them with nitro in St. Petersburg, FL. They embody the idea of traveling and exploring and trying things from every corner of the world.  We aimed to bring that mid century travel vibe into the branding and packaging without being over the top.  The word mark for Voyage resulted in a completely custom typeface created in attempt to merge a few fonts from the 50's with a couple from today.  Its modern and 100% inspired by the shape of airplane wings.  This is a symmetry lover's dream identity. 

Finally, we illustrated plane for the the packaging and halftone processed it to get the feel of an old silk screen print.  Cold brew is a coffee process that is pickup up steam nation wide and we are proud to be designing the packaging and branding for these hip young coffee scientists.


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