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The Challenge 

Scatter brothers is a fantastic video production company that helps business' reach their potential marketing sales through video.  The SB brand was struggling to instill trust, quality and professionalism with their current website and branding.  We needed to create something for them that escalated their appearance above the level of skill and quality of product they were producing.   This logo and new brand identity also needed to be able to expand into the new and upcoming expansion to NY, LA and the UK.  We needed to give it a feel that worked in all of those markets, but also felt like Scatter Brothers and not like every other video production company in silicone valley. 


The Strategy 

We needed to do a ton of research and gather an incredible amount of inspiration from what is current and what has always been successful in the video and motion picture world.  This was important to know what to do, but also know what does not fit SB. We looked for timeless inspiration and created over 30 different drawings to start finding something that felt like the owners of the company.  We chose fun idea, goofy concepts, corporate strength and ended up with an idea that blended a lot of that together. 


The Results 

We ended up creating a logo that has a strong and confident design which provides a design that instils strength to their brand and ability and also keeps their light and fun personality.   The text was shaped and adjusted to be strong and powerful while not being to serious.  The logo has the letters S and B wrapping each other and two partners being one solid piece while also being individually unique.


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