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Salvage Bank-Wall Mock Up
salvage bank wood

Client: Salvage Bank

The Challenge

With Salvage Bank, we had a few challenges. First was to create a logo that looked like it could have come out of the early 1900's and could also be used in all of the modern ways. 

Second, the logo had to represent an evolving company that handles the broad range of sales products from local historical salvage materials to high end custom furniture made from repurposed and urban wood. 

store sign salvage bank

The Strategy

To handle the modern timelessness of the logo we studied books of title types and logos from the turn of the 20th century.  We were heavily inspired by the energetic pointy fonts that could be found in banking and teller signage.  Next we tackled an icon that could be used in all forms of social media and even work on the 40x40p favicon in the url.  We looked at all sorts or architectural symbols, signs, tiles, building elements and landed on the arch feature of early banks and also popular in some of the old architecture of Tarpon Springs where the Salvage Bank resides. 


The Results

We were happy with the way the minimalism came through in the icon and paired with the vintage inspired typeface of the word mark.  When you look at the popular salvage yards and up-cycle shops throughout america it is difficult to find a beautifully branded shop.  We take a lot of pride in the fact that salvage bank stands out for its branding before the customers get to step into the shop.


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