Flying Business Cards Mockup Kingsway
Mockup 1-Kings Way
Realistic Logo Mock-Up-Kingsway

The Challenge 

The auto sales industry is a tough and cut throat game that rarely portrays trust and loyalty.  Nobody trusts a car salesman and the competition and large amounts of dealers doing the same thing makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd.  Kingsway was instantly different from our first talks with them.  They really are great and honest people who care about the customer and entire experience the customer has through a sale.  We needed to portray that in their brand, messaging and their website.

The Solution 

We ran with an idea to provide strength and trust through colors, positive messaging and a video to give you an actual feel into the trust of the owners.  It's not easy to give a good feeling about a used car dealer and we feel that we did a great job by highlighting what they already do well. 

The brand's new logo got a massive refresh of their crest.  It's now clean and instills strength with the highlights of gold but a comfortable and non-intimidating feel with the blue shades. 

The website needed to be clean, simple and exciting.  We needed to get people to the site and keep them on it long enough to find their car.  The messaging is all focused on trust and the customer experience to portray the trust they strive to have and maintain. 

The video was the item that really brings it all together.  The video concept was what really pulled this together. A visual of seeing the owners speaking and confirming that what you see about their brand is true. 



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