Do you make time for your own brand?

Owning a business is an incredible and empowering thing that can take you on a roller-coaster experience of excitement, fear, nausea and fun!  With having all of the weight and responsibilities of your business, staff and clients to handle, it's quite easy to neglect your own product.  Spending your time and focus on your clients, new business and quality control is a good thing, but how much should you spend on yourself?

If you're not spending time on yourself, who is?

This great question has been asked frequently of those who are workaholics or just people who care greatly for others.   But at Ryline Digital, we like to ask that question about your business.  Who is spending time making sure you're looking great, writing about your knowledge, sharing your work or being a thought leader?

We know people visit your website or social media before calling or coming into your location, but how much time do you or should you spend making them represent you?  It completely depends on the type of business you have, but we think around 10%. 

We'll ask the question a little differently...
If you're not spending time making yourself look good, who is going to give you business?


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